Committees and Members



Worship Committee – Chair: Martin Osae


The Worship Committee has the responsibility, whenever two or more gather in God’s name, to provide the place to worship and the materials necessary for the most spiritually filled experience for all in attendance. Not only at each Sunday morning worship service, but also on special occasions such as Service of Remembrance, Christmas Eve, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Lenten Services, and many other times, the Team Members work with the Pastor and Music Ministries striving to fulfill the church’s promise to give Glory to God and enhance the congregation’s experience.

Service responsibilities are both inside and outside of the Sanctuary, from candles and Communion supplies to music, both on paper and in instruments, and license fees, flowers, and even guest ministers. Whether it is a special liturgical season or just Ordinary Time, the Worship Team is always planning ahead for moments of worship that will be unforgettable to all in attendance. The Worship Committee also works with church members and the community to provide memorable services for weddings and funerals.