Advent is a time to help us get ready for the birth of Jesus. Advent in 2 minutes video:
Advent in 2 minutes!


Godly Play Advent video


  • Have you ever gotten something after you waited for a long time? How did you say thank you?
  • Mary did a brave thing in saying yes to God. What brave thing have you done?
  • When have you have exciting news to share, how do tell your family and friends?
  • How do you think the shepherds felt when they found baby Jesus? …when they returned to their sheep?
  • I wonder…what part of the story about Jesus’s birth is the most important?


Dear God, as we await for your coming, prepare our hearts to receive you. As the light grows from our Advent candles, may we share your light in this world by loving you as we love others. Thank you for being God-with-us, Emmanuel. Amen.


Pick and choose the activities that work best for you and your family!

  • Advent Kindness Calendar
  • Make an Advent chain or reverse Advent chain:
    • Instead of removing a link from the chain each day, start with one link and add a link every day. Each day you add to the chain, write down something you are grateful for on the link. At the end of Advent you’ll have a chain full of gratitude!
  • Kindness rocks
  • Nativity Crafts