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Session & Deacons

Session Responsibilities

The session has the responsibility for governing the congregation and guiding its witness to the sovereign activity of God in the world, so that the congregation is and becomes a community of faith, hope, love, and witness. The session has responsibility and power to:

Provide that the Word of God may be truly preached and heard.
Provide that the Sacraments may be rightly administered and received.
Nurture the covenant community of disciples of Christ.

Church Officers 2023-2024

Clerk of Session – Alice Owen
Treasurer – Earllene Hausinger
Assistant Treasurer – Roger Smith

Discipleship – Bernard Manale
Fellowship – Martin Osae
Finance – David Hagey
Mission/Outreach – Heather Meese
Special Missions – Lawrence Dagadu
Personnel – Gwen Buhmann
Property– Darrell Probst                       Worship – Amy Hudson
Stewardship – Vici Churchman

Class of 2024

Lawrence Dagadu
Amy Hudson
Bernard Manale 

Class of 2025

Heather Meese
Martin Osae
Darrell Probst

Nominating Committee

Congregational Representatives:
Gwen Buhmann

Bonnie Moseley                                                  Jennifer Douglas                                                Session Representative:                                Bernard Manale                                                  Ex Officio (Voice without Vote)                      Rev. Shane Webb



Susan Murray                                                    Gae Campbell
Dan Reel
Mike Todd
Joanna Kim
Kay Bock                                                            Ann Ouzts                                                          Lillyan Reyes                                                    Bruce Arland