Committees, Members, and Stewardship

Personnel, Finance & Stewardship


Finance – Chair: Enoch Azu
Personnel – Chair: Alice Owen
Stewardship – Chair: Vici Churchman

Administrative/Finance Committee

The Administrative/Finance Committee oversees the church’s insurance programs, contracts, legal issues, and other administrative functions of the church corporation. The Finance Committee’s involvement with the day-to-day financial/fiscal details of our church ensures our financial stability. We monitor and provide other ministry teams with accurate financial data. We recruit and train Sunday tellers to count, post and deposit offerings. We ensure that all bills are paid in a timely manner. We manage the church’s investment income. We prepare the church budget and monitor adherence to budget parameters.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee’s responsibility is selecting the appropriate and most qualified staff for any open positions, while ensuring the current staff members are provided with the necessary tools and the support needed to be successful. We are constantly attempting to determine ways to improve and strengthen the way we do work in God’s church.

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee has many responsibilities:

  • Create, organize, and conduct the yearly commitment campaign. That Includes giving members the opportunity to list their interests and abilities that would enhance Woodhaven. Join committees, special projects and share God given special interests.
  • List opportunities for giving – we have added the use of credit cards, planned giving, i.e. wills and stocks and bonds.
  • Provide stewardship education for adults with inserts in the Sunday bulletin and the WE, the church newsletter.
  • Also, education for children during worship.
  • Help members to be faithful disciples, caring for and managing all God has given to them.
  • Help develop a grateful response to Christ’s redeeming love for us all.

Stewardship 2022

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